Back2Basics Camp

While still open to change, the basic plan for a Back2Basics camp is:

Day 1: Arrive on site and be sorted into crews (these will be designed to mix you with people you do and do not know well). From here you will then set up a camp, with a fire pit, and traditional camp crafts, like a wash stand or similar. These will be judged, and scores awarded as the first stage of the crew competition. The evening will consist of dinner and a wide game.

Day 2: This day is all about doing activities that you enjoy and having fun. Depending on the site, we will arrange ‘traditional’ on site activities: climbing, archery, pioneering, as well as off site activities that fit our theme; Black country living history museum, 7 valley railway and walks.

Day 3: Service is a huge part of Rover culture, both when Rovers started and now. To reflect this, we will have a day themed around service. This will hopefully be a mix of helping around the site and inviting local Scout/Guide groups to join us for some teaching sessions.

Day 4: A final crew challenge will kick off the morning, followed by packing up and heading home.

Please note, the event is not just an extra rally, it’s a chance to explore the history of Scouting and SSAGO.

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact