Welcome to Rovers100!

SSAGO would like to present Rovers100! A celebration of 100 years since Rover Scouts began in the UK. Beginning in 1918, Rovers represents the first continuation of scouting for those past the age of Scouts. While The Scout Association no longer represents Rovers, numerous ‘crews’ still exist within the UK and internationally.

Many SSAGO clubs are ex-Rover crews, with groups such as Cambridge and Oxford still having records of the crews. This linked history is what makes celebrating Rovers100 so important. SSAGO has developed a lot since it’s Rover origins, but many links remain such as promoting leadership, team work and fun!

Service is a massively important aspect of Rovers both historically and now, so look out for exciting opportunities to get involved in the celebrations. We plan to link this to new and existing SSAGO projects, including but not limited to projects like SSAGO Support.

There will be multiple ways to get involved in SSAGO’s Rovers100 celebrations such as collecting the badges and taking part in the Back to Basics camp! More details will be released soon, but for more information check out:

If you experience any issues in the booking process, please contact webmaster@ssago.org.